Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9 Update: Conference tournament bonus points have kicked in

Just one more week to play, and most of the Big Five conference schools have completed their seasons. There hasn't been a bubble-popping upset yet of a mid major conference team assured of an at-large bid, which is strange, but there's still time.  Green Bay, James Madison, Florida Gulf Coast and Gonzaga all still have a chance at an at large bid even if they lose their conference tournament finals.  

My data comes from, which has been having problems adding tournament games to the schedules.  In some conferences, each tournament game has counted. In some others, only the tournament final has counted (Big Ten, SEC).  In others (ACC), no tournament game has counted. This is garbage data, in other words, so take these results with a grain of salt.  

Now in:
Miami (FL)
Tennessee Tech
Central Connecticut State

Now out:
West Virginia

Conferences with multiple bids:
ACC: 9
Big Ten: 7
SEC: 6
Big 12: 6
PAC 12: 5
American: 2
Atlantic 10: 2
Big East: 2
West Coast: 2

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