Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30 Update: Geaux Lady Tigers Edition

New to the field today is LSU, squeaking into a projected 12-seed in the College Women's Hoops S-Factor despite their ridiculously poor RPI ranking of 81. 

I'm totally standing by this projection though, and the Lady Tigers are only going to climb higher. Sure, LSU may have needed overtime to put 52 points on Jackson State (RPI ranking: 290), and sure LSU may have lost to the Santa Clara Broncos (RPI ranking: 208) before having the rest of their Puerto Vallarta tournament cancelled due to a promoter's financial problems. That's all just bad luck. 

Since the SEC conference season began, the LSU Lady Tigers have put up a record of 5-3, including a win over Kentucky, and last night's 70-41 pounding of Ole Miss. Their next three opponents are against Missouri, Auburn and Alabama, teams with three conference wins among them.  Nine days from now LSU will be 8-3 and looking like an NCAA tournament lock.

Now in:

Now out:
Sacramento State

Conferences with multiple bids:
ACC: 8
SEC: 8
Big Ten: 7
Pac 12: 6
Big 12: 4
American: 3
Atlantic 10: 2
Big East: 2

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