Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3 Update: The SEC Was Totally Bonkers This Year

Everybody, look how crazy this SEC tournament bracket is! Florida (RPI 65) is a 5-seed, LSU (RPI 12) is a 10-seed!  Five schools finished with a 7-9 record in the SEC this year, 6th through 10th place.  I have no idea what's going to happen in the SEC tournament, but I'm really excited about it!

Now in:
Fordham   (Fordham is one of four Atlantic 10 teams whose only top-25-RPI win is over St. Joseph's. St. Joseph's has an unusually high RPI for the number of middle-tier teams it's lost to.  Fordham is one of these teams, and will not be going to the NCAA tournament unless they win the Atlantic 10 tournament.)

Central Michigan    (The Chippewas played a harder non-conference schedule this year than Bowling Green and have the MAC's only top-50-RPI win out-of-conference (Dayton). Still, I don't think the MAC is a two-bid conference this year.)

Minnesota   (It finally happened. Charlie Creme has been calling it for weeks. Minnesota finally cracked into these rankings, despite the fact that their best win is against Chattanooga.)

Now out:
Florida   (Very big drop that has more to do with RPI rankings of Vanderbilt and St. John's tanking than because of their loss to Texas A&M on Sunday, which was expected. I would wager Florida still makes the field despite their poor RPI.)

San Diego   (Good riddance.)   

Creighton   (1. They beat Villanova, but Villanova is no longer a top-50-RPI team.  2. They beat St. John's, but St. John's is no longer a top-25-RPI team.  3. They lost to Marquette.)

ACC Teams:
(1) Notre Dame
(2) Duke
(3) Maryland
(4) North Carolina State
(5) North Carolina
(6) Syracuse
(10) Georgia Tech

AAC Teams:
(1) Connecticut
(2) Louisville
(11) Rutgers

Atlantic 10 Teams:
(6) Dayton
(10) St. Joseph's
(10) Fordham

Big East Teams:
(7) DePaul
(10) St. John's

Big Ten Teams:
(3) Penn State
(4) Nebraska
(4) Purdue
(5) Iowa
(5) Michigan State
(11) Minnesota

Big 12 Teams:
(2) West Virginia
(3) Baylor
(6) Oklahoma State
(8) Texas
(9) Iowa State

Conference USA Teams:
(7) Middle Tennessee State
(8) Southern Miss

MAC Teams:
(9) Bowling Green
(11) Central Michigan

PAC 12 Teams:
(1) Stanford
(7) California
(7) Oregon State
(8) Arizona State

SEC Teams:
(1) South Carolina
(2) Tennessee
(3) Texas A&M
(4) Kentucky
(8) Vanderbilt
(9) LSU
(9) Georgia

West Coast Teams:
(5) Gonzaga
(6) BYU

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