Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iowa State: Road Worriers

Iowa State is in trouble. The Cyclones' only top-50 RPI win so far this year was against Michigan on December 5th at home. Iowa State has now lost overtime games against Colorado and Kansas, teams that are certainly not in the top half of the Big 12 conference.

Worst of all, their road record is 2-5 (while their home record remains an impressive 11-1).

Iowa State is currently 4-5 in the conference at a time when most would have expected them to be at least 6-3.

But the good news is that Iowa State doesn't have to play Texas A&M, Baylor, or Oklahoma again in the regular season!

Now in: Boston College, Vanderbilt,
Now out: Syracuse, Kansas State

Conferences with multiple bids:
Big East: 9
Big Ten: 8
ACC: 7
SEC: 6
Big 12: 5
PAC-10: 3
Atlantic 10: 2

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