Friday, February 25, 2011

Gladiator Death Match Thursday

For bubble teams it seems like every game in late February is a test. For bubble teams playing other bubble teams, it seems like it's more of a gladiator death match where two contenders enter the arena, but only one comes out (still looking at a tournament bid).

There were two gladiator death match games last night: LSU versus South Carolina, and Southern California versus Arizona State. LSU and Arizona State came out on top last night, and the College Women's Hoops S-Factor rewards their performances with 10-seeds. For their losses, South Carolina remains outside the predicted at-large bids, while Southern Cal was thrust out to the "first four out" category.

But both teams with acronyms of USC have not quite been fed to the lions just yet. Of course anything can happen in their conference tournaments. South Carolina has a chance at a top-25 win against Vanderbilt this weekend, and Southern California has a chance to go 11-7 in the Pac-10, which is acceptable for an at-large resumé though not automatic by any means.


Now in: Texas, LSU
Now out: Southern California, Michigan

Conferences with multiple bids:
Big East: 10
ACC: 6
SEC: 6
Big 12: 6
Big Ten: 5
PAC-10: 3
Atlantic 10: 3
Colonial: 2

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