Monday, March 14, 2016

Final Update: March 14

This is the final update of numbers for the 2015-2016 season. I've also got a final non-automated human-generated bracket prediction on the Bracket Prediction page. Spoiler alert: it looks like this:

(click on the image for better viewing)

I can't recall any year where so few #1 seeds from conference tournaments earned automatic bids to the NCAA tournament. But almost all of these upsets came in conferences where only one team was going to get a bid anyways. The exception is the West Coast Conference, where San Francisco's two-point victory over the BYU Cougars in the championship game effectively means that one fewer bubble team is going to get into the tournament. The popped team, in the S-Factor's opinion, is North Carolina State. Call me skeptical.

Now in:
San Francisco
Missouri State
Robert Morris
Alabama State

Now out:
North Carolina State
Florida Gulf Coast
Central Michigan
Arkansas Little Rock
Northern Iowa
Southern U.
Sacred Heart

Conferences with multiple bids:
SEC: 9
(1) South Carolina
(3) Kentucky
(4) Florida
(4) Mississippi State
(5) Texas A&M
(6) Georgia
(7) Tennessee
(8) Missouri
(10) Auburn

ACC: 5
(1) Notre Dame
(3) Louisville
(4) Syracuse
(5) Florida State
(7) Miami (FL)

Big 12: 5
(1) Baylor
(2) Texas
(5) Oklahoma 
(6) Oklahoma State
(6) West Virginia

Pac 12: 5
(1) Oregon State
(2) Arizona State
(3) UCLA
(3) Stanford
(5) Washington

Big Ten: 4
(2) Maryland
(4) Ohio State
(6) Michigan State
(9) Indiana

Atlantic 10: 5 lol nothing matters
(7) George Washington
(8) St. Bonaventure
(8) Duquesne
(10) Saint Louis
(10) VCU

Big East: 3
(7) DePaul
(9) St. John's
(10) Seton Hall

Ivy League: 2
(9) Pennsylvania
(9) Princeton

American: 2
(2) Connecticut
(11) South Florida

West Coast: 2
(8) BYU
(12) San Francisco

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