Friday, February 20, 2015

February 20 Update: Seven Number Ones

Today Baylor becomes the seventh team to be rated number one by the S-Factor this season. Here is the list of women's college basketball teams that the S-Factor has rated in first place this season:

  1. Notre Dame (4 weeks)
  2. Maryland (2.5 weeks)
  3. Kentucky (2.5 weeks)
  4. Louisville (1 week)
  5. Tennessee (0.5 weeks)
  6. Baylor (0.5 weeks)
  7. Minnesota (!)(0.5 weeks)

There have only been two teams to top the AP poll this season, and neither of them are represented on this list. South Carolina has come close in the S-Factor, having been ranked 2nd for one week and 3rd for 5.5 weeks. But the S-Factor has not been so kind to the American Athletic Conference's Connecticut, which has only ascended as high as 5th place for a half-week and has spent most of its time in 9th or 10th place (2 weeks apiece).

In 2014 there were five teams that traded the first place ranking all season (Notre Dame, Connecticut, Stanford, Tennessee, and Louisville snuck in there once). In 2013 there were only three (Connecticut, Stanford, and then Brittney Griner's Baylor from Christmas to Selection Monday).
Now in:
Kansas State
Colorado State
Stephen F. Austin

Now out:
Fresno State

Conferences with multiple bids:
SEC: 9
ACC: 8
Big Ten: 7
Big 12: 6
PAC 12: 5
American: 2
Atlantic 10: 2

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