Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24 Update

Now in:
Villanova   (Creighton's big win over St. John's this weekend bumped Creighton's RPI rank up to 50th ... which means Villanova's February 1 win over the Blue Jays counts as a top 50 win now (their only one))

VCU    (RPI 91 Atlantic 10 teams never make the tournament, so this counts as an error for the S-Factor)

Florida State   (just two more winnable home games stand between the Seminoles and an 8-8 record in the ACC, which ought to be just barely good enough for a tournament berth)

Now out:
Georgia Tech   (they're probably still in because of their win over North Carolina, but beating Florida State on Thursday would seal the deal)

St. Mary's   (FINALLY!)

Southern California   (lost 6 of the last 8, but their final two conference games are against Utah and Colorado, and 11-7 is likely)

ACC Teams:
(1) Notre Dame
(2) Duke
(3) Maryland
(3) North Carolina State
(5) North Carolina
(6) Syracuse
(12) Florida State

AAC Teams:
(1) Connecticut
(2) Louisville
(11) Rutgers

Atlantic 10 Teams:
(6) Dayton
(9) St. Joseph's
(11) VCU

Big East Teams:
(8) St. John's
(9) DePaul
(11) Villanova

Big Ten Teams:
(2) Penn State
(4) Iowa
(4) Purdue
(5) Nebraska
(7) Michigan State

Big 12 Teams:
(3) Baylor
(3) West Virginia
(6) Oklahoma State
(10) Texas

PAC 12 Teams:
(1) Stanford
(5) California
(6) Arizona State
(9) Oregon State

SEC Teams:
(1) South Carolina
(2) Tennessee
(4) Texas A&M
(4) Kentucky
(7) Vanderbilt
(7) LSU
(9) Georgia
(11) Florida

West Coast Teams:
(5) Gonzaga
(7) BYU
(10) San Diego

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