Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16 Update: the Marist Exception

I know that Marist lost to Iona (by two points, on Iona's court). I know that this makes Iona undefeated in the MAAC, while Marist is now a one-conference-loss team.  I know that this means that Iona should be credited as the conference leader in the MAAC and therefore the holder of the conference's automatic bid.  My method of assigning automatic bids is to take the team with the best record in the conference regardless of likelihood of winning the conference tournament.  I know this. And yet it feels wrong somehow to credit the MAAC bid to some team other than the Marist Red Foxes.  The winner of the MAAC conference tournament every year since 2006 has been Marist, and in each of those years they have been the 1-seed going into the tournament. So I am making an exception to my methodology and crediting the MAAC's automatic bid to Marist until they lose in the conference tournament, regardless of what happens from now on in the MAAC regular season.  They could lose the rest of the regular season games and I wouldn't care.  Brian Giorgis's team is not missing this tournament.

Now in:
St. John's
Oregon State

Now out:
St. Joseph's

Conferences with multiple bids:
Big Ten: 8
ACC: 7
SEC: 6
Big 12: 5
PAC 12: 5
West Coast: 4
Big East: 3
American: 2

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