Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16 Update: Philly Women's Ball

It's a pretty good time for women's basketball in Philadelphia right now. St. Joseph's is on an eight-game winning streak, finding themselves fourth in RPI thanks to some decent scheduling of good mid-major teams like Wichita State, Princeton and Quinnipiac.  Two of their wins have come against fellow Philadelphia teams Temple and Villanova, which puts St. Joseph's on top of the Big 5 leaderboard.  Villanova currently holds the best overall record in the Big East, and Temple will be in contention this year for the best non-Connecticut non-Louisville team in the new American Athletic Conference.  Drexel has wins over Providence and St. John's and looks in okay shape to have another pretty good season, Penn is on a four game winning streak, and La Salle ... well, five out of six ain't bad.

Now in:
Oregon State
Virginia Tech
St. Mary's

Now out:
West Virginia

Conferences with multiple bids:
ACC: 9
SEC: 7
Big Ten: 7
Pac 12: 6
Big 12: 4
American: 3
West Coast: 3

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